End of May and June’s chincherinchee

We have had several exciting challenges in the month of May, starting with the launch of our new mobile friendly web site. A big thank you to all involved…

An interesting project panned out very well at The Marriott Hotel Swindon, we were asked to provide a hard landscaping feature with local interest. Sourced from the quarry at Ashton Keynes the Kellaway Rock, which dates back to the mid Jurassic period looks fab and has a huge amount of history.

Landscape Feature showing installation with Kellaway Rock
Landscape Feature at The Marriott Hotel, Swindon.

And Percy Pigeon turned out really well. So well he made his way back to the families house in Malmesbury after the service…

An arrangement in the shape of a pigeon
Percy Pigeon

Our never ending challenge to find spectacular long lasting flowers continues. Flower of the month is the chincherinchee, native to South Africa. The name probably comes from the characteristic sound they make when the stalks are rubbed together. Check them out, they last forever and they look fantastic. A nice change from lilies.

Picture of Chincherinchee on table in vase
Chincherinchee, also known as ‘wonder-flower’ or ‘star of Bethlehem.’