Mysteries of the Snowdrop

February has been a very busy month! Wedding Fayres, Weddings, Valentine’s Day and now Mothering Sunday.  Happy Mothering Sunday.

It was a fun day at the civic offices in Euclid Street, they put on a fantastic catwalk show for their very first Wedding Fayre. I am sure there will be another. A big thank you also to all of those who helped on the day.

We have had two brides this month, Daneka and Sophie. Congratulations to you both and thank you for choosing Tulipana to help make your days special.

Wedding Day


February flower of the month is the snowdrop……. Lots and lots and lots around! One of best display by far is at Welford Park, Newbury.


There are over 100 varieties of snowdrop and the snowdrop symbolises the meaning of something new. The bulbs are poisonous if eaten, but fascinatingly snowdrops are used in medicine.  One of the active ingredients is galantimine and they can be effective in the early treatment of Alzheimer’s and vascular dementia.