Flower of the month: Bluebells

Flower of the month BLUEBELLS! Lots and lots and lots of them growing in the woodlands. Here they are pictured in Dorset. There are two species of bluebell in the UK, our native bluebell, and the Spanish bluebell. It’s the vibrant violet colour that makes the native bluebell so distinctive, along with its sweet scent and the flowers which predominantly grow from one side. Genetic mutation means that occasionally the flower can be white.  Meanwhile, the Spanish bluebell has little or no scent and the colour is pale to mid blue, although they can also be white or pink, and they stand quite upright, unlike the native bluebell. Bluebells are found in ancient woodland (some dating back to the 17th Century), where a rich habitat supports a whole host of species.

The photo shoot for The Marriott Hotels brochure went well!  The simple arrangements of Arum and Cala lilies looked very elegant with the white linen and champagne theme.  We look forward to seeing the professional photos. The Swindon Marriott now offers full Wedding Packages to suit everybody. For more details contact their Wedding Co-Ordinator for her help and advice.

And the Wedding Garden now complete.  All we need is the SUN…..

Still keeping with the bridal theme. We are now offering our silk bridal bouquets worldwide. Due to an increasing interest in silk and broach bouquets we have been working on new designs for some of our summer brides.  These bouquets can be delivered and arrive to you in perfect condition.  Lots of inspirational ideas come from ImagineDIY. Here are just a few bouquets from the past… New pictures to come after the weddings.

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