Flower of the month: Tulip

At last, flower of the month, the TULIP… Not just the flower of the month it’s our flower every month!!!  The tulip is of Eurasian and North African genus, a perennial bulb of the lily family. It is a herbaceous plant with beautiful showy flowers of which there are around 75  wild  species currently accepted, and 150 species in total. Fun facts include… The word tulip is derived from the Persian word, delband, this means turban. This is due to the turban-shaped nature of the flower.  The tulip is also the national flower of Turkey and Afghanistan.  The tulip petals are also edible.

Last  month we held a coffee morning with the staff, family and friends at the Mid Counties Funeral, in Old Town.  All of the local branches took part to help raise funds for the Macmillan Coffee Morning.  A big thank you to all who contributed, There was a lot of support and even more cake!

In the month of September we were privileged to be asked to design tributes for a very much loved dad and grandad.  Obviously a supporter of the Speedway Robins  and his companion, Scamp, the dog!  A lovely family, Thank you.

Congratulations to our brides this month.  Our fingers were crossed for fine weather. Sending our love and best wishes for the future.

Finally, pictures of the most beautiful wild flowers.  These pictures were taken whilst on an install in France. How pretty?