Happy New Year

New Year, New Beginnings! We are really excited to be moving forward into 2018 with new ideas and the very Best of British (some even home grown, we hope).

We could not be doing this at Tulipana without the help of our hardworking and talented florist Mrs. S.

And in her own words, this is how it began, along with a word on the special new ideas to come…

“So… here we are, two florists that met over a job ad on line. Who’d have thought it possible that two creative people could work together so well without throwing scissors at each other?! (There is still time!)

We have together over 45 years of floristry experience (we were mere babes when we started) – fashion and styles have changed and so, I like to think, have we.

Sometimes it takes a bit of a crisis to force you to change, often it doesn’t feel like it’s a great idea at the time but looking back you can usually see the path you’ve taken has made you a stronger and better person. Over the last few years the two of us have had to adapt and make our lives different, for our families, for our sanity, for our bank managers. But the one thing that has been consistent (and able to keep us mainly off the gin at lunchtime) is the steady flow of flower work and the love we have for it. As a very sensible person once said, ” Find a job you love and you’ll never have to work another day in your life.”  It’s so true (apart from when our fingers are blue from cold and cut to ribbons from holly, then we might fancy a job elsewhere).

Over that last 25 years we have had the fortunate task of listening to your requests and creating something that can speak louder than words. Sometimes it’s to say ‘Sorry’, sometimes ‘I love you’; sometimes it’s to say ‘Thank you’ or ‘Forgive me’, – and honestly we do occasionally get told the most amazing confessions. More often than not it works, people are forgiven, life continues – and if it doesn’t, please don’t shoot the messenger!

We have had the honor of working with brides to make the most amazing arrangements for a wedding, from Westminster Abbey to floating marquees on swimming pools to yachts. We have been very lucky.

We’ve also been there when people have been at their very lowest, the grief of losing that other person that makes you whole. We wouldn’t be human if we didn’t say it affects us, it really does – but we can at least be a part of the journey that helps you say goodbye in the best possible way. We are, as we say very lucky.

But now, for 2018, we want to continue to create something very special, but at the same time, unique. So, our new direction is to be more natural, more hands on… to grow more of our own flowers & fauna – be at one with the soil, as it were! We’re starting small but we’re starting and that in itself is something. Join us on our journey. We’re absolutely sure it’ll be a blast. We’ll be fueled by good coffee and wine gums -how on earth can we fail?!”

The Rural Florists