Happy New Year

Is It Nearly Spring Yet?…


Forgive me for asking but it’s been so wet and dull!  However new life is emerging in the garden, snowdrops and primroses.  Don’t you just love them? I have even noticed the evenings getting a little lighter.  God, I might even come out of hibernation. Primroses were my Nan and my Mums favourite flower and in recent years the weather has been mild enough for them to be out in time to celebrate my Mums birthday in January.

New Beginnings..


It has been a wonderful 2 years in Great Shefford. The villagers have made me feel very welcome, thank you. At the end of the year Tulipana held a wreath making evening at the primary school, it was so lovely to see all of the different creations, all, I hasten to add, beautiful!  I am looking forward to 2020.  There will be opportunities to attend further workshops so keep an eye out on my Facebook page, and please let me know if there is anything in particular you would like to learn.  I have already had a request for Easter wreaths. What do you think?

My Little Helper…


Those of you that have followed any of my blogs know how much help I’ve been given by Chloe.  As a puppy she chewed just about anything that wasn’t securely fixed, she now has no real interest in floristry, just food and the warmth of the fire. As you can tell from the photo she loves the sun. I thought labradors liked water?  Not this one.


Celebration Of Life…



I feel privileged to have been asked to arrange the flowers for many families last year.  Every tribute is special because every person is special.  I hope the flowers have been just one of the special memories on the day.


A Date To Look Forward To…


Who’s  been to the RHS flower show in Cardiff?  The most amazing location, so well organised and a little quieter than Chelsea.  Well worth a visit and it’s the first in the year.  # inspirational. See you there?