Bring On The Sunshine

Beautiful Bouquets!


After a week of red roses it was an absolute pleasure to see a wonderful new colour collection at Flower Vision. Peach and Cream Roses, Clematis and an abundance of  grasses and greenery. Wanted to keep this one myself!



I nearly threw these tulips away but the older they got the more beautiful they became, wouldn’t that be nice if that was the case for humans? Whilst looking up some trivia about these flowers I found out that their petals are edible and can be used in place of onions. They also continue to grow in a vase once cut for at least another inch.



Play time!  Really enjoyed making this. Rich vibrant colours with a contemporary feel.


An early morning stroll with my little helper foraging for foliage. It was the only dry and bright day of the whole week and Chloe welcomed the break in the weather. The river is running really fast and is extremely high at the moment so no swimming today!  In one morning we saw a beautiful barn owl, numerous ducks, the resident swan and a woodpecker. How lucky?

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