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Flower of the month: Tulip

At last, flower of the month, the TULIP… Not just the flower of the month it’s our flower every month!!!  The tulip is of Eurasian and North African genus, a perennial bulb of the lily family. It is a herbaceous plant with beautiful showy flowers of which there are around 75  wild  species currently accepted, and 150 species in total. Fun facts include… The word tulip is derived from the Persian word, delband, this means turban. This is due to the turban-shaped nature of the flower.  The tulip is also the national flower of Turkey and Afghanistan.  The tulip petals are also edible.

Last  month we held a coffee morning with the staff, family and friends at the Mid Counties Funeral, in Old Town.  All of the local branches took part to help raise funds for the Macmillan Coffee Morning.  A big thank you to all who contributed, There was a lot of support and even more cake!

In the month of September we were privileged to be asked to design tributes for a very much loved dad and grandad.  Obviously a supporter of the Speedway Robins  and his companion, Scamp, the dog!  A lovely family, Thank you.

Congratulations to our brides this month.  Our fingers were crossed for fine weather. Sending our love and best wishes for the future.

Finally, pictures of the most beautiful wild flowers.  These pictures were taken whilst on an install in France. How pretty?

Flower of the month: Sunflower

Flower of the month

This month’s flower of the month is the sunflower, or helianthus, native to the Americas. There are around 70 varieties of the sunflower. They were brought to Russia by royalty and have stood the test of time for popularity. Known for their height, the tallest sunflower is said to have reached 30 ft 1 ins. But on average they grow between 8 and 10 feet. Oil from the sunflower is rich in minerals like calcium and iron and they are also rich in vitamin A and D. Sunflowers should also be harvested in the afternoon to avoid wilting.

New location

A big thank you to everyone who has helped with the move to our new premises. Please note that our new business address is: Unit 6, Ergo Business Park, Kelvin Road, Swindon. SN3 3JW. Here are some pictures of us setting up and settling in!

Wedding season

Wedding season is here again, doesn’t it come around quickly?! Here are a few of our designs. Past and present, silk and fresh,  flower designs to suit everyone’s budget and style. Please do give us a call if you are planning your big day and need advice on flower selection or alternative table decoration ideas. Free wedding consultation is provided to help your day even more perfect… Of course, pictures tell the best story, so here are plenty of photos for some initial ideas:

Christmas wreaths

Finally, I know it seems to early to be thinking about Christmas already, but we wanted to let you know a forthcoming festive all day workshop. It will take place in the most beautiful location on November 29 in Colesbourne, around 10 mins from Cirencester and Cheltenham. This workshop promises to be great fun, providing the tuition and materials needed to make a traditional Christmas Wreath and Seasonal Canapés. Please contact me for further details either by phone or email or contact Foodworks directly:

Flower of the month: Protea

This month’s flower of the month is protea, which is both the botanical and common name. It’s also sometimes called sugarbushes. It represents change and hope.
The genus originating from South Africa was named by Carl Linnaeus in 1735 after the  Greek god Proteus. Most proteas can be found south of the Limpopo river, and in the 17th Century they attracted botanists visiting The Cape of Good Hope.


This month we celebrated the Queen’s 90th birthday. Our very own Claire Satchell provided a very patriotic display at the flower festival in Christchurch, Derry Hill. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Royal Birthday June.jpg

It’s been a busy month, and we have been moving premises !!
From July we will be working from our new workshop at Greenbridge. Lots of space, but give us a week and it will certainly be filled!

Tulipana Workshop

On a side note, I am intending to run Christmas wreath making classes in the month of November. If you’re interested, please give me a call. It would be good to judge numbers. Class sizes will be limited, so it’ll be good to know how many to run!

Meanwhile, I am having withdrawal symptoms and missing the Chelsea Flower Show coverage on the BBC. My favourite garden of the show was The LG Smart Garden. Bringing the inside to the outside, this garden beautifully demonstrates how technology can form a wonderful part of garden life, as well as in the home.

The LG Smart Garden
The LG Smart Garden. Picture from RHS Chelsea website.

And finally, here are just some of our deliveries of sympathy tributes to Johnson & Daltrey. Independent Funeral Directors based in Wootton Bassett and Calne. Offering a friendly, personal and caring service.

Flower of the month: Clematis


The flower of the month this time is the CLEMATIS…..Belonging to the buttercup family you will find approximately 300 species, which mainly originate from China and Japan. The entire genus contains essential oils and compounds which are an extreme irritant to the skin. It is therefore advisable to wear gloves whilst pruning. Despite its toxicity, the North Americans use small amounts of clematis for the treatment of migraines. It is also one of the constituents of Bach’s Rescue Remedy.


Wedding Garden & Enterprise Works

Our Wedding Garden at The Marriott Hotel Swindon is now coming into full bloom. Here are a few picture of a recent wedding. Beautiful photographs, taken by Glenn Stanley of Your Digital Memories.

The wonderful garden furniture was made by SEQOL’s Enterprise Works.

Here is a little bit about this local based company that provided us with amazing service and a fantastic product. But, as we found out, they do so much more, as they explained:

“Enterprise Works continues to operate from its same site in Gipsy Lane, Swindon, and since 2011 we have become part of SEQOL, a social enterprise community interest company providing a wide range of health and social care services on a not-for-profit basis in Swindon and Wiltshire.

Enterprise Works has been based in Swindon now for over 50 years, providing supported employment specifically for adults with disability or long term health conditions which have proven to be a barrier to them entering the mainstream employment market.  Using this criteria, we continually recruit staff into paid trainee roles which provides them with technical skills, but also with a broad range of competencies such as communication and teamwork skills to improve their prospects for longer-term unsupported employment.  Working with our business partner Pluss, we also provide support in terms of further education and skills in their search for permanent employment beyond SEQOL.  Employment candidates are mostly referred to us by the Pluss agency, but may refer or apply directly to work at SEQOL, or may come from our links with other business areas within SEQOL.

2015 proved to be our strongest year since before the recession, both in commercial terms and also for the number of trainee staff we progressed into unsupported long term employment, and so far 2016 is performing to an even higher level.

Within Enterprise Works we operate a retail and trade timber yard, a timber manufacturing workshop, a signs and graphics workshop and an assembly function.  We also place trainees into other areas of SEQOL including the care sector, catering and administration.”

RHS Chelsea Flower Show

Finally: TEAM TULIPANA @ RHS Chelsea… We had a fantastic day at the  show. Here are a few pictures. OK, quite a few! But the last few are of an exhibit from one of Tulipana’s very own team members.

Students from Bath University got a ‘Gold’ at the show with their exhibit of Carmen Miranda. Well done everyone. Great job.

Flower of the month: Bluebells

Flower of the month BLUEBELLS! Lots and lots and lots of them growing in the woodlands. Here they are pictured in Dorset. There are two species of bluebell in the UK, our native bluebell, and the Spanish bluebell. It’s the vibrant violet colour that makes the native bluebell so distinctive, along with its sweet scent and the flowers which predominantly grow from one side. Genetic mutation means that occasionally the flower can be white.  Meanwhile, the Spanish bluebell has little or no scent and the colour is pale to mid blue, although they can also be white or pink, and they stand quite upright, unlike the native bluebell. Bluebells are found in ancient woodland (some dating back to the 17th Century), where a rich habitat supports a whole host of species.

The photo shoot for The Marriott Hotels brochure went well!  The simple arrangements of Arum and Cala lilies looked very elegant with the white linen and champagne theme.  We look forward to seeing the professional photos. The Swindon Marriott now offers full Wedding Packages to suit everybody. For more details contact their Wedding Co-Ordinator for her help and advice.

And the Wedding Garden now complete.  All we need is the SUN…..

Still keeping with the bridal theme. We are now offering our silk bridal bouquets worldwide. Due to an increasing interest in silk and broach bouquets we have been working on new designs for some of our summer brides.  These bouquets can be delivered and arrive to you in perfect condition.  Lots of inspirational ideas come from ImagineDIY. Here are just a few bouquets from the past… New pictures to come after the weddings.

Flower of the month: Forget-me-nots

Forget-me-nots are from the myosotis family, of which there are over 200 species, although only those grown in the Northern hemisphere are called  forget-me-nots.
They can be annuals or perennials and thrive in shady, wetland areas.  We were asked to include these in a tribute this month and I learnt that these flowers were a symbolic and important connection to the Alzheimer’s Society.


Forget-me-nots in wreath tribute


Henry IV adopted this flower as his symbol during his exile in 1398, and retained it until the following year on his return to England.


The Wedding gardens at the Swindon Marriott Hotel are progressing nicely, cannot wait for all the new trees and shrubs to bloom, but definitely signs that Spring is on the way.  New shoots on the Magnolia tree and Black Sambuca!  This is stage 2! Patio now being laid whilst we await the pergolas and seat.


Wedding Gardens At Swindon Marriott Hotel


The Photo Shoot for the new Marriott brochure went well. Phew!  Really big thank you to Mike, my supplier at E. Billett and Son. Nothing is too much trouble and he supplied stunning Arum and Cala Lily’s for these arrangements.  Looking forward to seeing them in the brochure.


Finally, we are on countdown to The Chelsea Flower Show. Can’t wait! There should be some stunning pictures next month.  Team Tulipana is off for a jolly, or should I say Business Meeting? But more exciting, is the fact that one of our team members has a flower exhibit.  Don’t know who’s more excited me, or her.  Not allowed pictures yet as top secret, but there will be…..

Mysteries of the Snowdrop

February has been a very busy month! Wedding Fayres, Weddings, Valentine’s Day and now Mothering Sunday.  Happy Mothering Sunday.

It was a fun day at the civic offices in Euclid Street, they put on a fantastic catwalk show for their very first Wedding Fayre. I am sure there will be another. A big thank you also to all of those who helped on the day.

We have had two brides this month, Daneka and Sophie. Congratulations to you both and thank you for choosing Tulipana to help make your days special.

Wedding Day


February flower of the month is the snowdrop……. Lots and lots and lots around! One of best display by far is at Welford Park, Newbury.


There are over 100 varieties of snowdrop and the snowdrop symbolises the meaning of something new. The bulbs are poisonous if eaten, but fascinatingly snowdrops are used in medicine.  One of the active ingredients is galantimine and they can be effective in the early treatment of Alzheimer’s and vascular dementia.

Spring is coming

Flower of the month this time has to be the daffodil! Sometimes called the lent lily, it is the national emblem of Wales and arrived in my garden last week, a good month early!

January daffodils in the garden
The daffodil making a January appearance in my garden

The daffodil marks the beginning of spring. Usually in our gardens in February, but not this year.

Daffodils in Golders Green Park London
Daffodils in Golders Green Park, London

And with that, wedding fever has arrived, with the wedding fayres in full swing. The Whitewed Directory provides a comprehensive guide for the discerning bride.

The Swindon Marriott hosted their wedding fayre last week and a fantastic number of suppliers were there to show off their services.

We provided our bouquets for the catwalk and these were complemented by Imagine DIY embellishments and ribbons.

And finally this month, a beautiful colour choice for a sympathy tribute.

January Tribute

Flower of the Holy Night

Our flower this month is Poinsettia, also known as Flower of the Holy Night. A plant native to Central America, it is thought to be symbolic of the star of Bethlehem, with its vibrant red leaves symbolising the blood of Christ. The actual flowers are the yellow buds at the centre. Whilst red is the most common variety, they are available in pink, white and yellow. They are also known as the “lobster flower,” or by the fiery name “Mexican Flame Leaf.”


Our install for the Swindon Marriott this week saw the return of the novelty animals. This year, a family of handmade reindeer made by a very talented local gentleman. Rudolph, Rosemary and Ralph are looking after the tree and are now hopefully house trained. One problem: the leisure club feel left out and have asked for their own so Paloma Penguin will be winging her way to them next week!!!


After several months of hard work we are pleased to announce the arrival of our very much awaited Funeral Brochure. Many thanks to everyone that made this happen: Paragon Print, Lee Hiom and Duncan Clark.

The challenge this month was to provide a tribute of LEGO. Very pleased with the end result, but it was not the easiest thing to do. Once again Val Spicer Designs worked their magic and provided a superb base.

Lego Tribute

Finally, we’d like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy And Healthy New Year.

Christmas Decorations

Autumn Has Arrived

So where did September go?

September was another wedding month for us. Well, actually this time it was dressing Swindon Registry Offices in Euclid Street.  We were asked to supply contemporary pieces for their ceremony rooms. Playtime! A selection of silk flowers, quite minimal but huge impact. Sometimes less is more.

And while we were there, we couldn’t resist a quick visit to the Euclid Street gardens.

Talking of weddings, Carswell Golf & Country Club now have their beautiful chateau adjacent to the golf club. This venue is the perfect setting for your wedding. The much awaited brochure can now be viewed online.

Tulipana is now supplying pot plants on a regular basis to the Village Store in Poulton, Gloucestershire. Little perennials in a rustic wrap. Perfect for a small gift. This little village shop is run by the local community that volunteer their time to keep the shop and all its other facilities open for local residents. A lovely idea and very much needed to keep a community united. They have the perfect combination: a shop that sells practically everything, and a superb pub, that serves brilliant food by the way!

This month’s flower of the month is the Serruria Florida. A pretty and delicate flower! This South African plant was just perfect in our arrangement for The Swindon Marriott Hotel.

Purple and white arrangement on hotel table

Well, autumn has well and truly arrived!

Autumn colour green white and gold