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Memories from Chelsea Flower Show 2019.

SPRING is on the way and it all gets a little bit exciting. There are new signs of life in the garden. The honeysuckle has new shoots, and the aquilegia are popping up all over the place. I have heard that The Chelsea Flower Show may take place in September this year so there could be a whole different selection of plants to see. Our village is having an Open Garden day in July so plenty to look forward to. The gardens two years ago were so diverse it gave me lots of ideas. Oh no! that does not bode well! I will be digging up and replanting, AGAIN!!


INTERNATIONAL WOMENS DAY This is celebrated every year on March 8th, it is a day for honouring the achievements of women throughout history. I had no idea of the impact that it would have on flower sales. In Russia the day is a celebrated by the giving of flowers to all women, mums, grandmothers, wives, girlfriends, it is also an official public holiday.


MOTHER’S DAY is fast approaching. We celebrate this year on March 14th. Last year was a very sad occasion, not only were flowers almost impossible to source, I expect I, amongst hundreds of other Mums did not see their children. Doesn’t matter how old they are its still nice to get together. This year will once again be a little quiet but there is light at the end of a very long tunnel. Flowers this year will be available so a sense of normality for me, and hopefully in a few months time we will get to see our families once again.

Allium Bouquet

DELIVERIES….. We are taking orders now for Mothering Sunday flowers. Hand tied bouquets, arrangements, jam jar posies and gift wrapped plants. Please contact us to place your order. Free local delivery.


Wishing you all a very happy and HEALTHY New Year. 2020 wasn’t the best but just take a look at this video, it will make you smile. Spring is around the corner and new life will soon be emerging. It never fails to impress me. It was also light [ish] at 4.45 P.M. today. Things can only get better. Another cause for celebration is my new flower supplier, beautiful blooms! I cant tell you how nice it feels to be able to offer a full service again. Flower supplies have been quite spasmodic to say the least and click and collect is not ideal. I feel a corner has now been turned and I can say with some confidence that our blooming good service can resume.


Just a reminder that our beautiful bouquets can be ordered directly by telephone, email or FB daily, or online by visiting The Queens Arms, East Garston web page, where your order can be delivered locally with fine wine and local produce.

A gentle reminder that Valentines Day is fast approaching and I believe we could all do with a little ‘Lockdown Love’. Red rose bouquets need to be pre ordered to ensure delivery on the 14th!



Pictured below is a very colourful casket spray, I was very apprehensive when I was asked to use these colours, but surprisingly its one of my favourites. I am always delighted when the families are pleased with the flowers, makes my job so worth while. Last year we were asked to create a casket using flowers from a families garden, this too was really special. Its good to think outside the box. Please call us to help guide you with your flower choice.

Roses, Lisianthus, Carnations and Eucalyptus


Who knows when we will be able to meet for our workshop tutorials again but as soon as it is safe to do so we will be back. If anyone has any ideas or requests for floral classes I would be delighted to hear from you.

For all the brides and grooms who have had to rescheduled their dates please be assured that we will be looking forward to your wedding day nearly as much as you.

Home Grown

shallow focus photography of purple flowers
Photo by Anastasiya Lobanovskaya on

Early Sunshine..

The beautiful weather in April and May have made gardening an absolute pleasure. Nigella, pictured in the featured image is one of my favourite cottage garden flowers.  Otherwise known as ‘love in a mist’ is an annual garden flowering plant belonging to the buttercup family Ranunculaceae.  It is native to southern Europe, north Africa and southwest Asia, where it can be found on neglected damp patches of land.  That’s why it does so well in my garden. The picture of the Lavender, sadly not taken by myself reminds me of another patch in the garden where the bees are having a field day.  I’ve even purchased a bug hotel.  No visitors yet!


Having only had two years here at the cottage I’m pleased with the progress.  There were no flowers or shrubs in this part of the garden, and yes a few mistakes have been made with the planting, however I think next year the space should be full of bee and butterfly loving scented plants and hopefully weeding will be a thing of the past! There should even be enough to cut from which will make life so much easier.  Supply of flowers has been spasmodic of late, to say the least!  Things are not back to normal yet since the pandemic so I feel the need to diversify.  Planting and gardening will be my next project and I look forward to posting the pictures next time.


Natural Beauty…

These beautiful poppies were to be found on one of the glorious walks nearby.  There is a whole field of corn with a strip of uniformed poppy flowers growing alongside.  I’m reliably informed that poppies are triggered into germination when the soil is disturbed and they are exposed to light – which is why they typically found in cornfields ploughed in Spring, like the one pictured here. They also grew with a poignant presence in the shell-churned fields of World War 1.


The Gin Garden…

I know we all know that herbs can be used for so many things but I was intrigued to read in the RHS magazine just how many could be used to flavour gin. Some of these are obvious but others not so.  If you’re a gin lover its well worth a try. Cheers everyone and lets hope the sunshine soon returns.

  1. Lavender. Gives a floral flavour but use sparingly as very strong.
  2.  Juniper.  An obvious one but it does boost the classic gin flavour
  3. Lemon Balm.  Add sparingly for extra freshness.
  4.  Rosemary.  Herbal taste and good as a garnish
  5.  Damask Rose.  Adds a delicate floral element.
  6.  Cornflower.  Once again adds delicate floral notes.
  7.  Lemon Thyme.  Adds a tangy citrus tone.
  8.  Chamomile.  Floral notes
  9. Lemon Verbena.  Mediterranean citrus flavour.

    clear wine glass with liquid in focus photography
    Photo by Peter Fazekas on


We Are Still Here..

VE Day Celebrations…

What a beautiful day?  The sun was shining and although the celebrations were somewhat quieter than we had all expected it was lovely to see the efforts of our little village. Bunting galore!  A lot of improvisation, mine included. There was a sense of togetherness even though we couldn’t really be with loved ones and family.  There will be a lot of missed birthdays and celebrations to make up for as soon as we are set free!

Gardening Galore…

Does anyone else have the tidiest garden ever?  With lockdown continuing I feel we  will all be able to boast “Best Year Ever”.  It doesn’t matter how many hours you spend in it there is always something still to do. It’s gradually taking shape now and after 3 years I can see the hard work paying off. Next year there should be enough flower and foliage to use for work. That was always the plan. Will really miss the RHS flower shows this year for inspiration.

My Little Helper…

Never far away!  Last year she was a little too helpful, always digging.  This year Chloe is just happy to clear up after the birds. Forever hopeful that they will drop the suet when the visit the garden. We have had a lot of new visitors this year but my favourite is the yellow wagtails

Our Tribute..

Our regular Thursday evening applause for our NHS and Key Workers is followed by our neighbour playing a few beautiful pieces of music  We are all appreciating the simpler things in life.

To Make You Smile..

I’m hoping that my customers will be this pleased to see me!  Stay safe.

Mothering Sunday

3ED74BF3-F428-46C9-93CA-2AB330C51B63“A mothers hug lasts long after she lets go”….

Hand Tied Bouquets

E947AD3B-E891-4F03-9BF5-499F101B98ECHand selected fresh flower bouquets from £40.00. Beautifully gift wrapped and delivered to local addresses free of charge.

A2DD89EB-76A4-45BB-B1D0-BF4BE94F8930Please call or email to place your order.  Deliveries will be made on Saturday 21st, and Sunday 22nd March.857E61A4-121E-46C2-B120-23BE50ECEFDDYou only get one Mum, so spoil her.EC640D49-A5C2-4E60-B9C4-2F29F204C821

Bring On The Sunshine

Beautiful Bouquets!


After a week of red roses it was an absolute pleasure to see a wonderful new colour collection at Flower Vision. Peach and Cream Roses, Clematis and an abundance of  grasses and greenery. Wanted to keep this one myself!



I nearly threw these tulips away but the older they got the more beautiful they became, wouldn’t that be nice if that was the case for humans? Whilst looking up some trivia about these flowers I found out that their petals are edible and can be used in place of onions. They also continue to grow in a vase once cut for at least another inch.



Play time!  Really enjoyed making this. Rich vibrant colours with a contemporary feel.


An early morning stroll with my little helper foraging for foliage. It was the only dry and bright day of the whole week and Chloe welcomed the break in the weather. The river is running really fast and is extremely high at the moment so no swimming today!  In one morning we saw a beautiful barn owl, numerous ducks, the resident swan and a woodpecker. How lucky?

#wildlife.   #tulips.  #Spring

Happy New Year

Is It Nearly Spring Yet?…


Forgive me for asking but it’s been so wet and dull!  However new life is emerging in the garden, snowdrops and primroses.  Don’t you just love them? I have even noticed the evenings getting a little lighter.  God, I might even come out of hibernation. Primroses were my Nan and my Mums favourite flower and in recent years the weather has been mild enough for them to be out in time to celebrate my Mums birthday in January.

New Beginnings..


It has been a wonderful 2 years in Great Shefford. The villagers have made me feel very welcome, thank you. At the end of the year Tulipana held a wreath making evening at the primary school, it was so lovely to see all of the different creations, all, I hasten to add, beautiful!  I am looking forward to 2020.  There will be opportunities to attend further workshops so keep an eye out on my Facebook page, and please let me know if there is anything in particular you would like to learn.  I have already had a request for Easter wreaths. What do you think?

My Little Helper…


Those of you that have followed any of my blogs know how much help I’ve been given by Chloe.  As a puppy she chewed just about anything that wasn’t securely fixed, she now has no real interest in floristry, just food and the warmth of the fire. As you can tell from the photo she loves the sun. I thought labradors liked water?  Not this one.


Celebration Of Life…



I feel privileged to have been asked to arrange the flowers for many families last year.  Every tribute is special because every person is special.  I hope the flowers have been just one of the special memories on the day.


A Date To Look Forward To…


Who’s  been to the RHS flower show in Cardiff?  The most amazing location, so well organised and a little quieter than Chelsea.  Well worth a visit and it’s the first in the year.  # inspirational. See you there?

It’s All About The Flowers!




What a beautiful day we had. Well worth a visit.  The setting was absolutely magical, and the flaura and fauna first class.  Could have spent an absolute fortune, oh yes, I did. All in a good cause though.  Most of my purchases are now settling nicely into the garden, hopefully to be used next year in my quest to cut my own flowers for the business.


IMG_3077Whilst waiting for the above to grow though this weeks install at the hotel was inspired by the garden, as it is at the moment.  Beautiful copper beech, poppy heads and alliums.  The hotel give me a briefing and the botanical displays are to be seasonal, minimal and local.  Can’t get more local than this weeks.  Sometimes hard to make twigs, sticks and rocks look artistic.  January is a challenging month..


IMG_3047Inspired by my neighbours, Roger and Jackie’s show garden gave me the colour theme for my church arrangement.  The church was decorated with floral displays from local groups and many villagers opened their gardens for the day. The weather played a huge part in making this a resounding success and proceeds raised went to the church fund. Hope they do it next year.  My garden might be ready. Here’s hoping.






IMG_5379Well where did that year go? Our feet have not touched the floor.  The rural garden is beginning to take shape and with a little bit of luck we will be picking flowers and foliage and being very resourceful next year. To date I have managed to use my own astrantias and panicum grass pictured above in a bridal bouquet. We have had a little help from a new family member.  Meet Chloe, she is now 9 months old and just loves digging. Oh and eating  just about everything.

IMG_5542Chloe helps on most deliveries and kept the Christmas wreath workshop team amused. A complete time waster!

DOUBLE TREES HOTEL.  At the beginning of the year we completed a fantastic project at the Double Trees Hotel, Kingston Upon Thames.  It’s remarkable what a difference a little bit of planting can make.  Now with a great outdoor space they are praying for a hot summer to make full use of it.  A great location for shopping, Wimbledon and The Hampton Court Flower Show. Check out the gin bar too!

THE WI LAMBOURN.  In December I was asked to give a flower arranging demo at The Lambourn WI.  No pressure!  Great evening though and made to feel very welcome.  Seems so long ago but we raised enough money on the raffle for two places at Crisis for the Christmas period. So thank you for asking me and thank you for letting me hold the raffle.


Finally just like to say a big thank you to all my clients for their continued support this year.

Be original this year with Tulips on Valentine’s Day

This month’s blog comes from our very own Claire S:

The definition of Valentine’s, according to Oxford dictionaries, is: ‘A card sent, often anonymously, on St Valentine’s day,14th February, to a person one loves or is attracted to.’

I love Valentines week, we have so many different people coming in ordering bouquets, some have the same year on year; for some it’s their first year with the one they love; some are proposing; some are laying a single bloom on a grave of someone they have lost but still adore… There are so many reasons to say ‘I love you’, and it’s great to know that romance is still alive and kicking!

Most florists (if they’re being honest) will say that roses aren’t the nicest flowers to use… They have a tendency to wilt, come in the wrong shade and have really vicious thorn – and, to top it off, most of them don’t have any scent. Don’t get me wrong, there are some absolutely yummy ones out there. The ‘Davis Austin’ garden varieties are just beautiful but they come at a price (literally!), and, when you have scent, you tend not to have a long lasting bloom.

Why then do we choose roses? Why not pick something else? Most, if not all, flowers have a meaning. Why not be original and order something that means something to you and your loved one?

Alstromeria, for example, means devotion, wealth, prosperity and fortune. Gypsophyllia is innocence, pure of heart. Cally lily is ‘magnificent beauty.’ Tulips are my firm favourite though… love & passion, declaration of love, beautiful eyes… And the yellow tulip means… wait for it…’There’s sunshine in your smile.’ How wonderful is that!

So, this year, why not be different? Choose something that is unique, a bouquet of beautiful blooms that each have different meanings and that, altogether, tell that special person how much they mean to you.

This isn’t just for the chaps to organise either. Come on girls, it’s time to get some floral equality too. Send your handsome fella a bouquet at work on Valentines day, I can guarantee he’ll love you all the more for it!