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It’s All About The Flowers!




What a beautiful day we had. Well worth a visit.  The setting was absolutely magical, and the flaura and fauna first class.  Could have spent an absolute fortune, oh yes, I did. All in a good cause though.  Most of my purchases are now settling nicely into the garden, hopefully to be used next year in my quest to cut my own flowers for the business.


IMG_3077Whilst waiting for the above to grow though this weeks install at the hotel was inspired by the garden, as it is at the moment.  Beautiful copper beech, poppy heads and alliums.  The hotel give me a briefing and the botanical displays are to be seasonal, minimal and local.  Can’t get more local than this weeks.  Sometimes hard to make twigs, sticks and rocks look artistic.  January is a challenging month..


IMG_3047Inspired by my neighbours, Roger and Jackie’s show garden gave me the colour theme for my church arrangement.  The church was decorated with floral displays from local groups and many villagers opened their gardens for the day. The weather played a huge part in making this a resounding success and proceeds raised went to the church fund. Hope they do it next year.  My garden might be ready. Here’s hoping.






IMG_5379Well where did that year go? Our feet have not touched the floor.  The rural garden is beginning to take shape and with a little bit of luck we will be picking flowers and foliage and being very resourceful next year. To date I have managed to use my own astrantias and panicum grass pictured above in a bridal bouquet. We have had a little help from a new family member.  Meet Chloe, she is now 9 months old and just loves digging. Oh and eating  just about everything.

IMG_5542Chloe helps on most deliveries and kept the Christmas wreath workshop team amused. A complete time waster!

DOUBLE TREES HOTEL.  At the beginning of the year we completed a fantastic project at the Double Trees Hotel, Kingston Upon Thames.  It’s remarkable what a difference a little bit of planting can make.  Now with a great outdoor space they are praying for a hot summer to make full use of it.  A great location for shopping, Wimbledon and The Hampton Court Flower Show. Check out the gin bar too!

THE WI LAMBOURN.  In December I was asked to give a flower arranging demo at The Lambourn WI.  No pressure!  Great evening though and made to feel very welcome.  Seems so long ago but we raised enough money on the raffle for two places at Crisis for the Christmas period. So thank you for asking me and thank you for letting me hold the raffle.


Finally just like to say a big thank you to all my clients for their continued support this year.

Be original this year with Tulips on Valentine’s Day

This month’s blog comes from our very own Claire S:

The definition of Valentine’s, according to Oxford dictionaries, is: ‘A card sent, often anonymously, on St Valentine’s day,14th February, to a person one loves or is attracted to.’

I love Valentines week, we have so many different people coming in ordering bouquets, some have the same year on year; for some it’s their first year with the one they love; some are proposing; some are laying a single bloom on a grave of someone they have lost but still adore… There are so many reasons to say ‘I love you’, and it’s great to know that romance is still alive and kicking!

Most florists (if they’re being honest) will say that roses aren’t the nicest flowers to use… They have a tendency to wilt, come in the wrong shade and have really vicious thorn – and, to top it off, most of them don’t have any scent. Don’t get me wrong, there are some absolutely yummy ones out there. The ‘Davis Austin’ garden varieties are just beautiful but they come at a price (literally!), and, when you have scent, you tend not to have a long lasting bloom.

Why then do we choose roses? Why not pick something else? Most, if not all, flowers have a meaning. Why not be original and order something that means something to you and your loved one?

Alstromeria, for example, means devotion, wealth, prosperity and fortune. Gypsophyllia is innocence, pure of heart. Cally lily is ‘magnificent beauty.’ Tulips are my firm favourite though… love & passion, declaration of love, beautiful eyes… And the yellow tulip means… wait for it…’There’s sunshine in your smile.’ How wonderful is that!

So, this year, why not be different? Choose something that is unique, a bouquet of beautiful blooms that each have different meanings and that, altogether, tell that special person how much they mean to you.

This isn’t just for the chaps to organise either. Come on girls, it’s time to get some floral equality too. Send your handsome fella a bouquet at work on Valentines day, I can guarantee he’ll love you all the more for it!

New Year and winter blooms

Firstly, Happy New Year! We hope everyone had a lovely Christmas.

Spring Wedding Fayres

The days are getting longer and, although we’re not out of winter just yet, we are busy preparing for the spring Wedding Fayres.

The first in our calendar will be held at The Marriott Hotel Swindon on Sunday 31st January. This is a fabulous venue for a wedding. There is an opportunity to see wedding dress designs on the catwalk by Fairytale Occasions and flower arrangement ideas by Tulipana.

Wedding Fayre Swindon

The second Wedding Fayre is the first to be held at The Civic Offices, in Euclid Street, Swindon. Tulipana had the privilege to decorate their ceremony rooms in September, so we were pleased to be asked back to attend their very first Wedding Fayre.

Wedding Fayre Euclid Street

Silk bouquets

This brings me nicely to our new venture with Imagine DIY. We have designed some new bouquets using their beautiful accessories. With laser cut favour boxes, antique laces and pretty broaches, Imagine DIY makes it easy for brides to co-ordinate everything  for their special day.

Our silk bouquets made to order are a superb alternative to the fresh option.

The Sussex Trug

Also, you may remember my blogpost in July about the unique Sussex trug – a delightful wooden basket that makes a perfect gift with or without flowers. The trugs are made only in the county of Sussex and were featured at The Chelsea Flower Show. Well, since then, we have been waiting excitedly for our order to arrive, which it recently did, giving us the first opportunity to use it at The Marriott!

Sussex trug at The Marriott

Flower of the month

Finally, our flower of the month to brighten up those winter days has to be the amaryllis, also known as the belladonna lily, originating from the Western Cape region of South Africa. This flower blooms well indoors in the winter months. But don’t be deceived by its name and appearance, as it is only distantly related to the true lily (lilium).


Explosive Alliums for Bonfire Night

First of all, before we dive into Bonfire Night, a Belated Happy Halloween!

The contest for best pumpkin was highly competitive at The Swindon Marriott this weekend. The winner was …. number two, the top right pumpkin on the stack in the photo below. Congratulations to the front desk team! We cheated, as our centrepiece came ready to light up and decorate.

Of course, no sooner is Halloween is over, than Bonfire Night is quickly upon us. We used this as our latest theme, which also gives us another excuse to make use of the beautiful, explosive looking alliums. We wish everyone a happy and safe bonfire night.

This month, the team at Tulipana was also asked to do a very special challenge and produce a boot as a tribute for a local village cobbler. We were pleased, Ricki at the funeral director’s was pleased, but what’s most important to us is that the family were especially pleased. Makes it all worthwhile.  Thank you for your wonderful feedback.

Next, we’d like to say thank you to our bride and groom of the month for sending in a few photos, it’s nice to put faces to our flowers. Wishing you both happiness and health together.  X

Finally… I saw this a few weeks ago which now makes it even scarier…

Christmas Days

However, here at Tulipana, we love Christmas. So it’s time to think about your Christmas and wreath orders! Please contact us via the usual channels to place your orders…

Christmas Polar Bear