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This month’s blog comes from our very own Claire S:

Easter is already here and I’m cautiously watching the daffodils literally springing to life. The crocuses are out and buds are starting to appear on the hydrangeas – it’s all very exciting. That blast of snow earlier in the year has killed off some of my seedlings that were just starting to make an appearance. I thought they were safe but obviously not. Thankfully, I have more and can sow extras.

What a difference a year makes – the snowy run up to Easter 2018 and the sunshine of 2017

I’m hoping for an epic crop of sunflowers, sweet peas, cerinthe, clary and borage, as long as Barbara – our resident chicken – doesn’t find them first! I’ve discovered that Barbara doesn’t like mint but ADORES chives; she won’t touch the feverfew but will rampage through my ferns as if she’s a chicken possessed.

I suppose the most logical thing to do is to put her in a pen, but I just love watching her mooch through the garden, scratching at the soil, making little holes to snuggle into if there’s any warm sunshine. My husband’s away for the week over Easter and I’m wondering if he’ll notice if I get some new friends to keep Barbara company? Margot, our other chicken, was savaged by a Labrador last summer. A very sad day indeed.

I fear for Barbara’s sanity, she’s alone mainly, with only the odd pigeon to keep her company. I introduced two bantams last summer and she hated them. She took pleasure in chasing them around the pen telling them off… I think I have realised she’s quite grumpy. She’d much rather spend her time following me around the kitchen (don’t tell my husband!), clucking at my feet for me to feed her grapes. We listen to the radio together, dancing around the house, enjoying ‘Pop master’ on the Ken Bruce show.

I’d like another five or six really, then possibly a pygmy goat and a rescue donkey….

Oh God, I’ve just realised something…maybe it’s not the Chickens sanity I should be worried about!

Flower of the month: Sunflower

Flower of the month

This month’s flower of the month is the sunflower, or helianthus, native to the Americas. There are around 70 varieties of the sunflower. They were brought to Russia by royalty and have stood the test of time for popularity. Known for their height, the tallest sunflower is said to have reached 30 ft 1 ins. But on average they grow between 8 and 10 feet. Oil from the sunflower is rich in minerals like calcium and iron and they are also rich in vitamin A and D. Sunflowers should also be harvested in the afternoon to avoid wilting.

New location

A big thank you to everyone who has helped with the move to our new premises. Please note that our new business address is: Unit 6, Ergo Business Park, Kelvin Road, Swindon. SN3 3JW. Here are some pictures of us setting up and settling in!

Wedding season

Wedding season is here again, doesn’t it come around quickly?! Here are a few of our designs. Past and present, silk and fresh,  flower designs to suit everyone’s budget and style. Please do give us a call if you are planning your big day and need advice on flower selection or alternative table decoration ideas. Free wedding consultation is provided to help your day even more perfect… Of course, pictures tell the best story, so here are plenty of photos for some initial ideas:

Christmas wreaths

Finally, I know it seems to early to be thinking about Christmas already, but we wanted to let you know a forthcoming festive all day workshop. It will take place in the most beautiful location on November 29 in Colesbourne, around 10 mins from Cirencester and Cheltenham. This workshop promises to be great fun, providing the tuition and materials needed to make a traditional Christmas Wreath and Seasonal Canapés. Please contact me for further details either by phone or email or contact Foodworks directly: admin@foodworkscookeryschool.co.uk