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New Year and winter blooms

Firstly, Happy New Year! We hope everyone had a lovely Christmas.

Spring Wedding Fayres

The days are getting longer and, although we’re not out of winter just yet, we are busy preparing for the spring Wedding Fayres.

The first in our calendar will be held at The Marriott Hotel Swindon on Sunday 31st January. This is a fabulous venue for a wedding. There is an opportunity to see wedding dress designs on the catwalk by Fairytale Occasions and flower arrangement ideas by Tulipana.

Wedding Fayre Swindon

The second Wedding Fayre is the first to be held at The Civic Offices, in Euclid Street, Swindon. Tulipana had the privilege to decorate their ceremony rooms in September, so we were pleased to be asked back to attend their very first Wedding Fayre.

Wedding Fayre Euclid Street

Silk bouquets

This brings me nicely to our new venture with Imagine DIY. We have designed some new bouquets using their beautiful accessories. With laser cut favour boxes, antique laces and pretty broaches, Imagine DIY makes it easy for brides to co-ordinate everything  for their special day.

Our silk bouquets made to order are a superb alternative to the fresh option.

The Sussex Trug

Also, you may remember my blogpost in July about the unique Sussex trug – a delightful wooden basket that makes a perfect gift with or without flowers. The trugs are made only in the county of Sussex and were featured at The Chelsea Flower Show. Well, since then, we have been waiting excitedly for our order to arrive, which it recently did, giving us the first opportunity to use it at The Marriott!

Sussex trug at The Marriott

Flower of the month

Finally, our flower of the month to brighten up those winter days has to be the amaryllis, also known as the belladonna lily, originating from the Western Cape region of South Africa. This flower blooms well indoors in the winter months. But don’t be deceived by its name and appearance, as it is only distantly related to the true lily (lilium).


The traditional Sussex trug

We are introducing a new line featuring the traditional Sussex trug, which makes a beautiful base for our flower tributes. Sussex trugs are boat-shaped wooden baskets, handmade out of willow and chestnut for the handle, and can last a lifetime. The word trug comes from the Anglo-Saxon ‘trog,’ which meant ‘boat shaped vessel.’ They have been made in Sussex since around the 1500s but became famous after Thomas Smith of Herstmonceux showed them at the Great Exhibition of 1851 and received a large order from none other than Queen Victoria. Legend has it that Mr Smith loaded the trugs into a wheelbarrow and walked the order to London himself as safe delivery was so precious to him. Prized by gardeners, they have received another boost more recently following their appearance on The Chelsea Flower Show in ‘A Trug Maker’s Garden.’

Trugs on display amongst flowers and trug maker's shed
A Trugmaker’s Garden by Future Climate Info, which won Gold

Meanwhile, congratulations to our brides this month, Cricklade Hotel and Country Club was the perfect setting.

Usually in our blog we feature a flower of the month but this month it’s with a caution! Featured on the news and on Facebook, the giant hogweed is very pretty, but it is to be avoided at all costs, it burns! I didn’t know this and perhaps you didn’t either.

Giant Hogweed
Giant Hogweed – nice to look at but steer clear at all costs